Friday, May 1, 2009

This Week I Love: Netflix

The weekend is upon us, and that always makes me appreciate our Netflix subscription. John and I love movies, and we had trouble supporting our cinematic habit at the local rental shop. The trips back and forth, late fees, and roaming the aisles looking for the perfect pick were sucking a lot of the fun from our favorite hobby.

Enter Netflix. We've upgraded to the unlimited four-at-a-time plan. With this plan, we are only forced to go one or two days a week with no DVDs on hand. In those instances we can always fall back on the "watch on demand" programs. Hundreds of movies and television shows can be streamed directly from Netflix's site if you are member.

Other great benies include
  • No late fees! John and I were spending as much in late fees as rental fees.
  • Easy decisions. We add movies we want to our queue and arrange by genre. That way we never really have to decide what to watch when. We get a mix of comedies, dramas, documentaries, etc. and then just pick from what came in the mail that week.
  • Massive selection. If it's on DVD, Netflix probably has it. We were sold by their selection of documentaries.
  • Recommendations. You can rate movies you've seen and Netflix will make recommendations for other movies. We've seen so many great movies we never would have heard of this way. (we've rated nearly 1200 movies. um, yeah, we don't have a problem)
We currently have over 300 movies in our queue. If we stopped adding things, it would still take us a year and a half to watch them all.

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