Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's on the APR Exam?

When I talk about the APR (Accreditation in Public Relations) I have many people ask what is on the exam. The test covers a variety of topics and is broken down like so.

Researching, Planning, Implementing & Evaluating Programs (30%) Basically the four-step process. It counts for so much because it's the basis of what we do.

Ethics and Law (15%) Not only do you need to understand relevant laws, you'll need to know the PRSA Code of Ethics inside and out and understand how to apply it.

Communication Models and Theory (15%) Understand the implications and applications of various theories and models.

Business Literacy (10%) You need to understand and explain revenue generation, perform SWOT analysis, and identify other divisions that need to be involved in any communication program.

Management Skills & Issues (10%) You must understand audience diversity, make sound decisions, and hold strong leadership and organizational skills.

Crisis Communication Management (10%) You'll need to understand the roles and responsibilities of public relations at the pre-crisis, crisis, and post-crisis phases.

Media Relations (5%) Understand the relationships between PR and media organizations, have news sensibility and understand the media and various distribution systems.

Using IT Efficiently (2%) The category basically gauges your tech literacy.

History of & Current Issues in PR (2%) Identify key figures in the history of PR, major trends and key forces that influenced the field. You'll also have to differentiates among related concepts like publicity, advertising, marketing, and press agentry.

Advance Communication Skills (1%) This covers topics like consensus-building, consulting skills and negotiation.

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