Sunday, May 24, 2009

Austin So Far: Tasty, Expensive, Educational & Embarrassing

The week-long celebration of my 32nd birthday is on. I'm tagging along for John's Austin conference trip. As my only goal is to get out of town and relax, it's ok that John is working for half the trip. I've still had tons of fun.

Tasty: So far most our activities have involved eating, and boy have they been some tasty meals. Who knew crepes could be so delish? Cafe Crepes knows. We had breakfast there this morning. I didn't realize crepes came with anything other than fruit. I had one full of veggies and cheese.

Expensive: All our meals have been priced proportionally to their yumminess. We are staying at the Four Seasons, and while it is incredibly nice, they are pretty impressed with themselves here.

Educational: Today we hit the LBJ Museum and Library. It was really cool and learned all about LBJ and Lady Bird. Obviously, the Museum is going highlight the best of Johnson's presidency, but it was interesting to learn about the socially progressive work the Johnson's administration did. He had hoped his legacy would be as the "Education President," but sad for him, he'll always be the "Vietnam President."

Embarrassing: As I said, all I really want to accomplish is some quality relaxing. What's more relaxing than lounging in a shady hammock, with a beautiful view of the lake and a fluffy beach read? I climbed up into the hammock, scooted to the center, steadied myself. Just when I thought I was good, the hammock swings around 360' and drops me on my butt. And, of course, what embarrassing moment is complete, without an audience. At least they didn't clap; they just laughed along with me.

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