Friday, May 15, 2009

30-Day Blogging Challenge: Done & done

Yesterday marked the first day in a month that I didn't blog. That's because we finally concluded our 30-day office blogging challenge. Valerie and I both made it a whole month posting daily. Ruth, um... well... she gave it a shot.

The challenge was fun and I, for one, am glad I did it. I learned a few things about blogging and I think it'll help me blog better in the future. Here's some of what I learned:
  1. I can actually post everyday.
    At first, I thought what in the world do I have to blog about every day? I'm not saying they were all great, but really it wasn't that hard to come up with stuff. Now that I'm "trained" to blog consistently, I find myself coming up with ideas throughout the day.
  2. The techie tricks.
    Learning new tricks gave me something to blog about, but I feel like I have more options now, too. I updated my template, embedded You Tubes, and posted my own video. I also learned how to blog from my Blackberry.
  3. I even developed a loosey-goosey editorial calendar. Sort of.
    I found there were a few things I liked to blog about regularly. I have the APR tips (something I desperately searched for when I was studying) and the This Week I Love posts. Tada there's two posts a week.

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