Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day: the One

Today kicked off our whirlwind Mother's Day weekend. John and I met up with my mom and Emily at the OKC Zoo bright and early for the Annual Ostrich Egg Breakfast. The breakfast was good, and ostrich eggs taste (surprise!) just like eggs. There was a line of chefs making the omelets to order; and those guys sure knew how to make an omelet. It was fun to watch them flip the eggs in the skillets, all fancy like.

We wondered the zoo briefly, but the rain chased us away after we hit the various indoor exhibits.

Next, it was on to Bricktown where we caught the matinee of Star Trek. It was awesome, everyone got a kick out of it. In my opinion, it's everything you look for in a typical "summer movie."

Then we struck out for the Cox Convention Center. Unfortunately, at this point we had Mother's-Dayed-out Emily. So she and mom headed home before we got to the Dachshund Dash. John and I continued on and got to see a few races. Judging from twitter and my RSS feeder I missed lots of friends and family while we were there. Everyone was off to the wiener races today.

We grabbed some Abuleo's on our way home then crashed for a nice long nap with the animals. All-in-all a stellar Saturday.

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