Saturday, May 16, 2009

We Made It!

This morning was the first-ever Guthrie Clearwater Ride. John and I signed up about 6 weeks ago and we had the best of intentions to train for the ride. Unfortunately, the non-stop rain really put a crimp in that plan.

So, I was a little worried when we headed out this morning. Turns out the original optimism I had when I signed up was actually on track. I thought 18 miles on a bike isn't so bad, we're in good shape we can do it. What do you know, I was right!

We hit one rest stop at mile 7, and that was the only break I took. I was pretty proud of that fact. I will admit about that time I was thinking, "ok I could really use an endorphin rush right about now." Luckily, my body obliged around the half-way point. I was feeling really great, happy even. When I saw a huge hill looming around mile 12 and thought with a bit of glee "oooh, that's a big one!" I realized I was definitely high on something, because that was certainly not my reaction during the first 5 miles.

So big pat on the back to me!! Oh, and John and Mom and Dad. They did it too.

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