Monday, August 31, 2009

Moore War Run Number 1

When the WHS Alumni Association decided to host a joint 5K with our rival school's Alumni, I thought it sounded like a great idea. I also thought there is no way in hell I'm getting out there to run. Sorry guys.

I did show up at an ungodly hour (6:45 am!) to volunteer, though. And it was awesome!

I think it may have been the best volunteer experience I've had. I was told where and when to show up, and I got a reminder the day before. Once I got there, the gals running the show gave me instructions on what needed to be done. They doled out tasks one at a time, so it was easy to keep track and not get overloaded with information.

I got a t-shirt and lots of thank yous the day of and after. They even let me wear this nifty orange vest. How'd they know I love orange?

I want to say thank you to Kelly and Holley for organizing before and the day of. These ladies did an amazing job, and the first Moore War Run was a huge success in my opinion. We had more than 250 runners!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to School

Ok, so technically, I am not "back to school," but all the OSU students are. After 14 years of living/working/going to school on a college campus, I still love the start of the fall semester.

How could you not feel the excitement in the air. The start of fall term marks a new beginning for so many people and it always reminds me of my first week here on campus. It makes me nostalgic as I see all the new students navigating campus.

For a college campus, the start of term is a little like a second New Year. It's a fresh start for everyone: new students and returning students, even the staff and faculty. I love working at a place that has this kind of annual reset as part of the culture.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Homeless in My Own Home

This week John and I had a some construction project completed in our bedroom. Which means all week my living room has been filled with our queen size mattress, and all our bedroom stuff is piled high in the breakfast nook.

It's a little like being a house guest in my own home. I have no alarm clock and no nightstand. My routine is completely off. And the huge light-up Jesus cross across the street is keeping me awake at nights.

But it'll all be worth it tonight! Our bedroom has a beautiful new ceiling and all new grown-up bedroom furniture is being delivered as I type this. Tonight John and I have a date to assemble a bedroom suite. Pretty romantic, huh?

A spacious living room is dramatically reduced by a spare queen-sized mattress.

Where did all this come from? I had no idea we were hiding so much stuff in the bedroom.