Monday, May 4, 2009

Best PRSA Conference Ever!

Today, Valerie and I trekked down to OKC to meet with the rest of the PRSA-Southwest District 2010 Conference Planning Committee. In my humble opinion, it's going to be the best conference ever!

I am the PRSSA-liaison for the conference. That means it's my job to work with the PRSSA (that's the student PR society) liaisons and advisors throughout the southwest district to promote student attendance at the conference. Even more difficult than that is making sure that the students at schools without a PRSSA chapter learn about the conference also.

Now that I have my head around the project, it's actually a bigger undertaking than I originally anticipated. Still, I am so excited and so very honored that I was asked to do this. I love working with the PR students and I hope that beyond promoting student attendance I can also help develop some conference programming that will make them all very happy they decided to attend PRSA-Southwest 2010.

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