Thursday, April 30, 2009

Domino's, You Had me at "Free"

Yesterday, Valerie and I went to Domino's Pizza and picked up free lunch. The giveaway was part of a promotion for their new Bread Bowl Pasta. In theory, certain "loyal customers" (read you've signed up for their email list) received notification of the giveaway via email. I actually get emails from Domino's, but I heard about the giveaway from the stupid AIM popup launch page I can't get to go away.

I'd seen a commercial for the Bread Bowl Pasta the day before and actually thought, "ew gross, who would eat that?" Um, yeah, I guess me (and Valerie, too!) if it's free. And you know what? It was delish. It's like a super-thick crust pizza with Alfredo pasta as the topping. And the bread bowl has bread stick seasoning on the edge.

It was totally worth the 15 WW Points for just half the bowl. It was a treat I will remember for a long time. And I'll have to, because for 15 points, I'm never getting one again.

Free does weird things to us. It made me eat a decadent lunch I was actually a bit grossed out by the day before. I found a good summary of "the power of free" here. The concept is discussed in a great book titled Predictably Irrational.

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Lopez said...

Those bowls sound so yummy. You totally sold me just now, you did!!!