Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PR Open Mic Goes Orange

This week, a PR class from OSU is taking over the social network site PR Open Mic. I swung by this morning just to see how it's going. First off, the site has literally "gone orange." The class rebranded the homepage to reflect the OSU take over. Go Pokes!

The students have already posted video interviews and several articles and forum topics. They have given each day this week a theme. Monday was "What is PR today?" Today they look at "How do I find my niche?" Wednesday will be "What’s going on today in PR and how can I use it?" On Thursday, it's "How can I find a job and what is the right way to network?"

Friday will be a special “Throw what you know” day where the class will highlight OSU and encourage other members to do the same for their organization/school.

If you work in PR, or are just curious about the field, stop by PR Open Mic and see what students, teachers and professionals are talking about today.

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