Sunday, April 19, 2009

74 days and Counting!

In just over 3 months, hubby and I are heading off to a week-long vaca in Ireland. We are so super psyched!

I'm enjoying my typical over planning. This weekend I built a custom Google map, and as we go I'm adding markers for attractions we might see, places we might eat and side trip outside of Dublin (our main destination). If I could actually figure out how to can a link for it, I'd share it with you.

I've also set up an itinerary for one whole day. We're so excited. Want to know how much of a planning freak I am? Here's a greatly abridged version of what we'll do on the 3rd day of our trip.

Any AM Take the DART to Howth (end of the line) about 45 minutes

~10 AM Stop at a sandwich shop located across the street when you get off the train in Howth. The climb to the Ben of Howth (Ben = Highest Point) takes less than an hour. Tromp around and admire the views. Bray's Head, the most predominant land mass in the distance, is especially eerie in misty weather.

After walking various paths that branch out from the Ben, retraced your steps to end up at the pier for a chilly view of the Irish Channel. Continue uphill again, but this time along the coast.

Ask a local about the walk to the Summit. The Summit footpath, a local favorite, is a spectacular coastal walk, uphill of course, but the Summit Pub is the reward. The path narrows to 2 feet in width, with a 300-foot drop-off close by. There is wind and seagulls, the requisite lighthouse, and enough craggy outcroppings to keep two hikers focused. After a pint, hike down to the train station.

~5 PM Take the “All Stations to Bray” train or the “All Stations to Greystones” train. Exit at Clontraf Road

~6 PM The Bram Stoker Dracula Experience

~7 PM Head to Temple Bar
OPT 1: Walking to Temple Bar Music Centre (3.7 km – about 47 mins)

OPT 2: Return to Clontraf Rd Station and Ride to Tara St. Station then walk to Temple Bar .7km about 9 minutes.

~10 PM Return to Tara St. Station and catch “All Stops to Bray” or “All Stops to Greystones” train. Get off at Dun Laoghaire, our home base.

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Andrea said...

Ahhh, this sounds uh-mazing. I'm so envious. Drink a pint...or three for me!