Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome to the Bonnie-pire, Marissa

Somewhere along the way, my steadily growing staff became affectionately known (within our office, at least) as the Bonnie-pire. For the longest time, the Communications Office of the OSU Library was just little ole me. Then we added a PR intern for just one semester a year. I hired Heather Lynn to help with my summer planning and prep. She was an ideal first employee.

The following year, I was given a wage budget sufficient to fill the internship for two semesters, and Walter joined my team. Another big win for my hiring record. The following year, I added a part-time graphic designer to the mix, and Ruth has filled that spot for about two years. Germaine, Maggie and Danny have all had a turn at the PR Internship, and Valerie joined the team as my full-time PR technician. Every one of them made a lasting impact on the way we communicate with our public and conduct our day-to-day work.

Each semester, I learn so many new things from the students and staff that join my team. I hope they can say the same about working with me. That's why I'm super excited to welcome Marissa to the Bonnie-pire. She won't start until the fall semester, but I can't wait to see what this bright and charismatic young woman has to bring to the table.

Welcome, Marissa!

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