Thursday, December 10, 2009

This Week I Heart: Mittens

If you are living in Oklahoma then you too have been subjected to some ridiculously cold weather lately. That is why, this week, I heart Mittens!

I am probably the only person over the age of 7 who regularly wears mittens, but I assure you they are far superior to gloves. I'm sure someone has scientifically proven this; I pretty sure I read that somewhere.

I'm cold on a regular day. What most people consider room temperature, I consider chilly. If I had my way, no office building, restaurant or movie theater would be set below 78'. So you can imagine how I have suffered this week when every morning tops out around 9'. I mean, seriously! The wind chill yesterday was zero! It just isn't right.

While, my tushy may have froze on the 5 minute walk from the car, my fingers were snug as bug, encapsulated in their thinsulate mittens. In fact, my hands were actually sweaty by the time I got into the office. At least one little part of me was warm.


Andrea said...

I always wear mittens to ski! Granted they are crazy thick and not made of yarn, but nonetheless, I agree--mittens are much warmer! And much cuter.

The Naked Wife said...

I really love the way mittens look and the fact that they fit my creepily long fingers, but I really want the kind of mittens that have removable tops so you can still use your fingers.

Those are so boss!

(And yes, I'm bringing "boss" back!)