Tuesday, December 29, 2009

APR Flash Card: "Mutual Understanding" Era

Our industry trends began with the "Public Be Damned" era and the "Public Be Informed" era. As we enter the "Mutual Understanding" era, we start to see a shift to a two-way communication model.

Category: Trends
Front: "Mutual Understanding" Era

Back: post-WWI
  • WWI period, 1917-19: focused on promoting patriotism
  • Booming 20s, 1919-29: shift to promoting products, change, politics and charities
  • Roosevelt and WWII, 1930-45: dominated by Roosevelt and his counselor Louis McHenry House
Bonus: Louis McHenry Howe is an important figure in the history of PR. He was Roosevelt's adviser until 1936. He realized that mutually beneficial public relationships could be built only by coupling responsible performance with persuasive publicity.

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