Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Revenge of the Xmas Cards

Card #1 arrived in the usual fashion, a week or two before Christmas with the enclosed annual family letter. This year, John and I responded in a different way. We distributed our annual "Christmas Card" via the internet. We sent it to friends and family via Facebook and email.

It was a nice little experiment. It was by far the most eco-friendly card we could have produced, it had loads of pictures, and I enjoyed the interactivity of it as friends commented back about the content. Little did we know at the time, that we would call down the wrath of the Christmas Card Gods.

We arrived home one evening to a huge stack of Christmas cards in our box. As John started to sort through, he told me we got a card from Elaine Bryant. Yea, Aunt Elaine.

Um, wait. Another card from Elaine Bryant. And another, and another. John delicately asked, "How old is Aunt Elaine?"

Aunt Elaine is not old, so what the heck is going on? I begin opening cards. Here's an exact transcript of what we found. (messages placed in proper order for clarity. We did not open them in order which added to the confusion/hilarity)

Card #2 2009
Dear Bonnie and John,
You don't get away with the e-card! I'm sending you all my extra cards to keep your Aunt Anna employed and my mother's pensions intact. MWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Card 3-2009
Matt shares his mother's madness but won't commit in writing! MWAHAHA!

Card 4-2009
Elaine & Mike

Card 5-2009
Suitable for framing!
And More Christmas Cards for the mantle. That's why I save mine to make sure I cards to display!

Card 6-2009
Just saw the 1991 Keeping Up Appearances Christmas show. Hyacinth was up to 112 cards (most sent by Hyacinth to herself).
Cards Rule!
E & M

Card 7-2009
Elaine & Mike

Card 8-2009
E, M & M & M

Card 9-2009
Your card has been printed and hung from the mantle! Loved the Ireland pics.
E, M, M & M

Card 10-2009
Buy stamps & Burn them in the fireplace.
E, M, M & M

Card 11-2009
Megan's a smart woman - I know she will support me - she's the third M.
E & M
M & M

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muddypebbles said...

that is hilarious :) *stores away idea for later date* hehehe