Wednesday, December 9, 2009

From the APR Flash Cards: 8 Types of Crisis

While I was studying for the Accreditation in Public Relations exam, I made extensive and detailed flash cards for key concepts, definitions, theories, trends etc. Here's your APR study tip of the day.

Category: Crisis
Front: 8 Types of Crisis

  1. Natural-Acts of god, fire, flood, earthquake, etc.

  2. Technological-Can range from breakdowns to technological attacks

  3. Confrontational-Based in discontent, examples include picketing, boycotts, sit-ins

  4. Malevolence-Criminal or extreme methods are used to express anger, such as product tampering, kidnapping, or terrorism

  5. Skewed Management Values-Most often, this means management get greedy and stakeholders suffer

  6. Deception-Information is concealed or misrepresented

  7. Management Misconduct-The illegal or unethical behavior of management impacts the organization, examples are sexual harassment or embezzlement.

  8. Business and Economic-Financial or business factors damage the organization's reputation, such as bankruptcy, layoffs, product shortages, etc.

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