Wednesday, April 20, 2011

John On Camera

Between attacking ethics guidelines for state government (or the lack thereof) to leading some of the most active student groups on his campus to running for city office, my darling husband John seemed to find himself on camera fairly often. That's where being married to a PR pro comes in handy for him.

We've done a number of pre- and post-interview media training. Looking at this, I can see so much improvement from his first on-camera interview years ago. The big thing I worked on with John (and that he nailed here) is knowing where they are shooting you (cut at the waist, shoulders etc.) and staying inside your "box."

John talks with his hands, so sitting this still while still seeming so natural comfortable and articulate is awesome. If you are a hand-talker (I know I'm guilty!) then just give it try. Sit on your hands and try to make a coherent point. It's hard!

Each of the Councilmen did a "Quality of Life" video. John's was the first one posted because he was the only one that needed no editing. That's my little media darling.

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