Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What's Your Favorite Car Game?

The holidays are here and that means we'll be driving here, there, everywhere. Sometimes short drives and sometimes looooooong ones. Like any planning planner, I'm looking for some cheap and easy ways to entertain in the car.

Maybe I have it easy (or maybe actually I have it harder) because the folks I need to entertain in the car are only me and John. No kids for us, a puppy perhaps, but no kids.

On the agenda are
  • Books on CD, whatever I can find at the public library the day I stop by.
  • Podcasts, whatever I've managed to save up on my MP3 player. Stuff You Should Know and This American Life are good for road trips.
  • Who Am I? Guessing game much like 20 questions, but we don't play with a limit.
  • The Alphabet Game, locate the entire alphabet in order on any item outside the car.
  • Slug Bug. Need I say more.
  • Trivia Pursuit, minus the board.

So what's your favorite car game?

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