Sunday, April 13, 2008

What is a Duckmaster?

As I mentioned, The Peabody is most definitely all about the ducks. There were duck shaped soaps and butter pats. Ducks on the bath mats and ducks on the shampoo bottles. There was a bar called the Mallard and a gift shop full of duck this and that. The building itself was branded with huge ducks that could be seen from the street or from the air. The elevator floors were tiled with duck mosaics.

And yes, the ducks do actually swim in the fountain, not 20 yard from the entrance to the restaurant.

Ruth, my graphic designer, challenged me to seek out and document the Duck Palace. I did that and one better. I befriended the Duckmaster, Lloyd and he made me Honorary Duckmaster. I was officially proclaimated in front of the audience for the evening duck march, I got my own cane and Lloyd and I marched the ducks!

Check out the photo gallery for the full photo essay:

Evidently, Honorary Duckmaster duties are bestowed on special guests of the Peabody. Oprah, Lou Dobbs, and most Arkansas First Ladies have been Honorary Duckmaster, just to name a few. It's kind of a big deal.

Overall the PRSA Regional Conference in Little Rock was great. I met some great and really interesting folks. I had a blast hanging out with old friends and new.

You can also check me out as Duckmaster on Ed Schipul's Flickr photostream.

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