Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In which I am very very humble...

As requested, here is my self nomination for the Outstanding Employee Award. I know, I know, it's pretty cheesy to nominate yourself, but come on! It's $1500, don't say you wouldn't do the same. Besides I really am pretty outstanding.

Cain Nominated for 2008 Outstanding Library Staff Award

For Immediate Release

STILLWATER— The OSU Library administration recently revamped the Library’s award structure and unveiled the Outstanding Library Staff Award. Bonnie Ann Cain, one the Library’s most outstanding employees is taking full advantage by self-nominating for the new honor.

“There are so many individuals who come together to make the OSU Library a great institution. It’s really an honor to just be nominated for the Outstanding Staff Award,” said Cain.

Cain’s noteworthy library career began in October 1995 when she joined the OSU Library family as a student in the Circulation Department. Her exceptional work led to an official promotion to Student Assistant II for the Billing/Fines Unit and unofficial promotion to Library Princess.

Upon graduation in May 1999, Cain joined the Library Dean’s Office where she has devoted her career to the promotion of the OSU Library. In 2001, she stepped into the role of Coordinator of Communications and Publications (now Senior Communication Specialist). In this position, Cain has worked consistently to expand the scope of the Library’s publicity efforts.

“I am so fortunate to have a forward thinking leadership team that fosters my creative genius and innovative spirit. We are Edmon Low, 2.0!”

Always on the cutting edge, Cain has incorporated many new media technologies into the Library’s promotions efforts. The Edmon Low Library has its own profile on Facebook; over 900 invitations to a recent collection opening were sent through the social networking site. Social media is even creeping into the Library’s web site. Every online press release offers six different social bookmarking options, and the news site was recently expanded to include an online pressroom.

One of Cain’s inspired projects actually bears her name.

“I hope that long after I’m gone Bonnievision will still be in use. No one may know why it’s called that, but it will be just one of the many legacies I have left the OSU Library,” Cain mused.

Her illustrious career of nearly a decade is bedazzled with accomplishments. Cain has held leadership positions in both the University Staff Association and the Edmon Low Library Staff Association. She now serves on the boards for the Guthrie Public Library, Public Relations of America Oklahoma City Chapter, and the Friends of the OSU Library.

Cain’s work on the Edmon Low Library’s 50th Anniversary garnered a John Cotton Dana, the second such award for the OSU Library. While juggling her work duties, Cain also managed to complete both a master’s degree in mass communications and the arduous Accreditation in Public Relations.

Cain will humbly tell you, “My APR is one of my greatest accomplishments. It is truly a mark of distinction for me personally as a professional, as well as the institution I represent.”

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