Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Deal with the Ducks

I'm posting it here, because next week I'm off to cosmopolitan Little Rock, and evidently at the Peabody (where I am staying) they are nuts about these ducks.

The ducks are prominently featured in the hotel's logo, decor, gift catalog, etc.

To set this up, you must understand that the Peabody touts itself as totally fancy-schamcy. A highlight of it's fanciness is a daily "duck march" where the ducks walk a red carpet through the lobby (yes, the lobby!) of the hotel and into the fountain. Get the whole story here:

I am so amused by the whole concept, that I have decided to blog the ducks from the conference. I'm sure you are eagerly awaiting more!

With any luck I will make it to the "duck palace." I'm bringing the camera and will document everything for the amusement of all.

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