Saturday, January 28, 2012

Biggest User 8-Week Challenge Begins

I've blogged about OSU's Healthy Campus Initiative before. Well, they are back with another fun PR stunt. This time the goal seems to be to increase use of the various campus recreation services. The project is called Biggest User and registrants have 8 weeks to sample a number of services (most typically have a cost) for free.

Here's what we get:
  • 2 Fitness assessments ($30 value)
  • Goal-Planning Session ($20 value)
  • 3 Personal Training Sessions ($115 value)
  • Nutritional Counseling ($30 value)
  • Monthly Seminars
  • Outdoor Adventure Challenge Course ($23 value)
  • T-shirt
  • 10% discount on follow up personal training or massage therapy appointments
  • Support from fellow participants
  • Encouragement from the staff
The catch? You must participate in both fitness assessments, a minimum of 2 fitness classes per week and at least 12 more activities during the 8-week period or you will be charge $50. I'm fine with that. I'm most interested in the goal-planning, personal training, nutritionist and fitness assessments. If I only do those activities and nothing else, $50 is a deal! (Of course, my competitive streak will force me to do my best to "win")

You might have noticed, I called this a "stunt." You know I love a good (i.e. strategic) PR stunt, and I think this qualifies. Why? Because I'm pretty sure there are a few goals at play here:
  • Educate the campus about the variety of services offered (I didn't know we had all this and I've been on campus 17 years)
  • Increase use of services (increased use=job security & funding security)
  • Gather data on the impact of services (remember those required fitness assessments? they are going to have a nice little study on our beginning fitness levels, the level of participation for 8 weeks, and the results)
The best part: all three of these directly tie in to our goal of being the Healthiest Campus in America. Good on you Campus Recreation.

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