Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Healthy Campus Initative Just Got Awesomer

On and off for the last decade plus I have worked at OSU, I have shelled out for a membership at either the Colvin Center (our massive student gym) or the Wellness Center (our small employee gym). I hate choosing between the two. Both are great in different ways.

The Colvin has greater quantity and more kinds of equipment, but much bigger crowds. The Wellness is small, but very clean and rarely crowded. The Colvin has better hours, but lately the Wellness has won out because exercising with the 50+ crowd makes me feel better than exercising with all 18-year-olds.

Now, thanks to OSU's healthy campus initiative I don't have choose and even better I don't have to shell out! The Colvin and Wellness are consolidating and employees get free membership. That's two kinds of awesome.

I appreciate that OSU publicly states a mission to be the healthiest campus in the nation. More than that, I appreciate all the things they do to make that happen: being tobacco-free (well, mostly), healthy(-er) food options, free health screenings, supplemented health insurance, group exercise events. But this, free gym access, has been a long time coming.

Thanks, OSU! My tush and my wallet thank you too.

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