Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Sister Ran Off with the Roller Derby

Today, John and I are trekking to Stillwater to watch Sarah's second "bout" with the Angels of No Mercy Stillwater roller derby team. Pretty wild, huh?

You'll be relived to know that the current roller derby revival is not as rough and dangerous as it's earlier reincarnations were rumored to be. But it is still very much a contact sport. There are 5 women to a team and they skate around a flat track. The jammer, or scorer, attempts to lap the pack and earn points by passing skaters an additional time. The remaining skaters are blockers. They--you guessed it--block the jammer and the other team members.

The sport is extra fun for players and spectators alike because of the alter-egos and related costumes each skater adopts. Sarah skates as Sarah Bellum, and this month she's featured on the poster! It's a Greece theme, she's the Sandy.

Maybe tonight I'll get some video of Sarah skating and share it tomorrow!

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