Thursday, January 3, 2013

Parasailing! Why Not?

A few weeks before we left on the wedding cruise, John and I got in our heads that we should go parasailing. I'm not quite sure what cemented the idea for for us. Probably just they fact that it occurred to us that we'd never done it.

Hahaha, look how much fun we're having and we haven't even started. 

It's a cross between skydiving and water skiing. It requires no training and no athletic ability, a perfect vacation activity, right? And sure, people die occasionally. People die in the bathtub, but that doesn't keep you from showering. And sure, there's the added thrill of doing this on a Caribbean island where safety regulations are known to be a bit loosey-goosey. That just adds to the adventure, right?

Obviously, I'm here to tell the tale.

They hook you up right on the boat. They release the parachute and zip, up you go.

I'm not sure how high we went exactly. It was high enough to see across the island (Grand Cayman) and have a good view of the opposite shoreline. They told us, "Don't worry. Worst thing that can happen is the line breaks and you parachute to the water." Um, no. Actually, worst thing is the harness strapping us to the chute breaks, and we crash to our deaths. But who wants to argue on vacation. 

You don't even have to get wet, but we did. We had the driver slow down enough to dip us in the ocean before they landed us back on the boat. 

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