Friday, September 7, 2012

Samantha with a Southern Accent

I've been cast in the upcoming Town and Gown production of "The Dixie Swim Club." Between my two jobs and half a dozen volunteer boards, I decided "Hey, why not add another 10 hours a week of rehearsals?"

Really, it's because I could not resist at least auditioning for this hilarious script. I only went out for one role, my favorite. I picked the character because in reading the script, I thought she was the funniest. Now, that we are rehearsing with a team of very funny ladies, I see each part has big laugh potential.

I'll be Lexie Richards, a vain, husband-collecting, flirtatious, plastic surgery addict. The director referred to her as Samantha from "Sex & the City," with a Southern accent. There will be wigs, four costumes and what I am calling "prosthetics."

We open Oct. 4 and run for two weeks. Come see me, maybe?

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David C. Burton said...

That sounds fun...details for tickets?