Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm Starting a Pool...

I've never been a runner. Dancer, yes; rock climber, yes; mountain biker, yes (although not a very good one); annoying girl at the front of aerobics class who can keep up the whole time, yes. But a runner? Never.

Once every 9 months or so, I see the girls in their cute little running clothes jogging down the road and something inside me clicks on. I think "I have cute little running clothes! I could put them on and run! I could be her!" This is a lie I tell myself.

I put on my cute little running clothes and head out. About 4 blocks later, I head home, dejected and wanting to die. I am not a runner, never have been.

This time, I can't blame the cute little running girls, but a perfect storm of other motivators (not the least of which is my former-runner of a husband deciding to run again) have inspired me to give it a real go.

I wanted to blog this this morning, before we officially get started. (So, you can see how pathetic realistic my optimistic stage is) John and I are starting Couch 2 5K tonight. I am going to try really really hard, honest I am. I totally expect fail miserably. I may keel over and die tonight. And, it will most likely take me 2 weeks of 3 workouts/week to complete the week 1 workout.

Here's where the pool comes in. C25K is a 9-week program. In the comments, weigh in as to how far you think I'll get in the program and how many weeks it will take me to get there. I know I have several lurking friends and family members (Daddy I am looking at you). So everyone chime in.

Will I finish Week 2 in 4 weeks? Maybe, stall out at Week 5 after 2 months? Will I complete the 9 Weeks in 3 months, but never run an entire 5K? Or, can I pull out a personal workout miracle and complete the program in 3 months, and run my first 5K?

Seriously, you won't hurt my feelings. I, personally, am going with giving up at Week 2, but taking a month to get there. I promise to do my best, and really shoot for the goal of running a 5K in 3 months. I may even scrounge up a prize for pool's winner. So make your best guess!


The Naked Wife said...

I'm going to bet on finishing 4 1/3 weeks in 6 2/3 weeks. I may give YOU a prize if you keep running after work until the last week of October, which happens to be the week before the first Friday in November!

BonnieAnn said...

Hmmm, very true. I'll deserve a prize for sticking with it through Friends dinner season. Perhaps a cute little running outfit.

John R. Wood said...

Bonnie finished great today! She only complained right at the end. Great job, baby!! I have a feeling you'll make it far.

Andrea said...

Everyone I know that has done Couch to 5K has been surprised at their results. You've got this!!! If I can run, anyone can!