Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Vacation Week... Oh, Shiney!

The countdown until vacation is in the single digits, and I'm just not sure I'll be able to keep a thought in my head for more than a moment until I am in the airport. My brain is a jumble of unrelated (mostly vacation-focused) randomness.
  • Can I make it 11 days with no internet, no phone, no GPS, no email? Sure, I can.
  • Will it cause a panic attack at some point. Likely, but it will probably be as I board in Houston, then I'll be fine.
  • Will we be able to see the oil spill from the plane? We depart the USA from Houston, but I'm not sure of the exact path of the plane. I find the possibility simultaneously fascinating and heartbreaking.
  • Even if we do our dead set best to NOT DRINK the water, will we still get sick? I give myself even odds, John's odds probably aren't as good.
  • Will we like the rest of tour group? Will they be fun? Will we be the only non-AARP members? Hopefully, fingers crossed, and quite likely.
  • Will the dog miss us? Will she even care if she's at my mom's house? Which is sadder?
  • Can we really pack for an 11 day trip in a carry-on suitcase each?
  • Will doing laundry from the road suck the fun on a daily basis?
  • Will we get the whole Egyptian tipping thing down? Seriously, a tip for opening a door or pushing the elevator button? Geeze. How many 5 cent bills am I going to have to carry around?
  • That's right a nickle bill. Man, if euros were confusing at times, this is going to be downright ridiculous.

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