Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wheel! Of! Fortune!

Last weekend, I got a last minute invite from my sister to go audition for the Wheel of Fortune. Never one to pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity, I said "Heck, Yeah" and we were off the next morning.

We drove out to the Kickapoo Casino in Harrah, Okla. (I think perhaps "casino" is a bit grandiose for this place. It's more like the Kickapoo Small Warehouse with Slot Machines.) We were worried when we arrived. The line was huge. But it was so super fast to get through. We filled out quarter-sheet applications and dropped them in a box. The line was simply to keep people orderly as they turned applications.

Then we waited--along with 100s of others--for our chance to play a speed around and audition live. Unfortunately, we never got called. Which sucks because we would have been so much better than some of the lame-os that did go up. It was still quite exciting and lots of fun.

There were several people who did great; I'm sure WOF will be calling them back for final auditions. Sarah and I still have a chance, though! They will randomly draw from the applications that weren't picked for a live audition and invite those folks back the finals. Wish us luck.

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