Monday, March 3, 2008

Boogie is running with a bad crowd

Our new neighbors have these two huge dogs. I think they might be St. Bernards. Tank and Todd have been regularly escaping since day one. The neighbors have been trying everything to keep them in, but nothing seems to work. They’ve poured concrete at the base of the fence, put the dogs on leads, electrified the fence. All to no avail. Tank and Todd regularly go on little outings.

A few hours after John and I brought them home a couple weeks back, we found Boogie sitting in the front yard when we came home from WalMart. We joked that she saw Tank and Todd do it, and they gave her ideas. Since then we’ve found and repaired two holes more than big enough for her to escape (we’re pretty sure she took herself for a couple walks when we were at work) and we’ve found and repaired 2 more beginner escape tunnels.

Last week, I was playing with Boogie before work and realized that Tank and Todd were out again. Tank came by the fence to say hi to Boogie. He went straight to the freshly repaired escape tunnels. And that's when I realized that Boogie may (or may not) actually be innocent in the creation of the escape tunnels. I think after seeing Tank, and seeing the shape and size of the holes, that Tank and Todd might have actually dug Boogie out.

The St. Bernards have been coming over during the day, and digging a hole for Boogie to come out and play with them. She is literally running with a bad crowd.

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